Dying Emerald Dove, Common Fauns

To Fa Peng area - which I've found the most productive for woodland birds on Cheung Chau - and a sad find: a dying Emerald Dove, which someone had placed in a broken polystyrene box by the path.
A beautiful bird, but had damaged wing, and when it rolled over, I could see that a chunk of its left side had been ripped out - maybe by a cat, maybe by a predator like a Crested Goshawk (a guess: maybe a goshawk had caught it, and was starting to eat but was disturbed by people passing by).

Low-flying swallows? - must be a cold snap

If you were out and about today, you noticed it was chill - temps at the Cheung Chau observatory from just over 12 to around 15C; overcast and breezy.

A few Barn Swallows were flying low over the Praya - at head height, or even skimming just above the concrete, dodging past people. Typical during chill spells at this time of year: swallows that have newly arrived to breed finding it tough to catch flying insects, which fly low if they fly at all.

Set to become warm again very soon; and better times will arrive for the swallows.