Beach clean up on 21 June 2009

Submitted by Martin on Mon, 15/06/2009 - 15:32

Had a clean-up of Coral Beach [Tung Wan Tsai], Cheung Chau, on 21 June. Below are some photos, plus video, from the event - when a great team of volunteers arrived, made fair impact, yet still left much to do. "It was like trying to clean up a landfill," one of the participants told me!

We didn't come up with final total, I think.

Well over thirty I believe.

Here are some shots from the clean-up:

beach clean-up before shot No shortage of lap sap as we began! Indeed, the tideline was far from the worst area; most rubbish was at the top of the beach, and strewn among vegetation just above the sand.

beach lap sap bagsbeach cleaners

Loads of bags filled, mostly with polystyrene; govt Food n Hygiene Dept later sent a boat to collect the bags.

Even so, plenty of rubbish remained on the beach; more would arrive, esp with easterles.

More clean-ups likely; but also need less lap sap in the sea - inc less dumping of polystyrene boxes used by fishermen and others.

Here's some video I took: