Graffiti ruining natural beauty of Cheung Chau

A couple of days ago, I met Dr Young Ng of the Association for Geoconservation on Cheung Chau. He and a couple of colleagues had been checking graffiti on rocks around the coast, such as Reclining Rock above Po Yue Wan (near Cheung Po-tsai Cave), and Vase Rock (Fa Peng Shek). I later sent him some contacts for Cheung Chau; he replied with following email:


My last time in Cheung Chau was a few years ago. However, the visit today terrifies me because the graffiti problem is much more serious than I expect. It is as infectious as H1N1.
Some actions must be taken as soon as possible to stop the spread of this disease which will ruin the natural beauty of Cheung Chau.
From the geologist's perspective, the rock features are great in recording  the weathering processes of granite and are definitely a unique identity of Cheung Chau. When we talk about "sense of place", apart from the distinctive culture of Cheung Chau, these rock features are valuable natural landmarks and identity of the island.  It is sad to see the lowering of these values because of graffiti.
What have in my mind include:
(1) organizing regular rock cleaning activities by our "Rock Cleaning Angels" (RCA) which will involve students and young people;
(2) proposing some control measures and educational programmes for visitors and hikers;
(3) proposing setting up of a local team of  RCA with the involvement of local residents esp. young people. 

To facilitate these, we may need to work together with local residents, district office and councillors.
Thanks for suggesting the contacts. We will get in touch with them as soon as we could.


Following Dr Ng's email, had small meeting on Cheung Chau re graffiti on rocks problem. Various ideas, inc efforts to educate people, clean graffiti, and have day focusing on the marvellous rocks around the island.

Today, had trial clean of graffiti on huge balancing rock at Po Yue Wan, southwest Lantau.

Used some paint stripper, brushed on; waited some minutes, and washed much of it off with water. Found that could remove much paint - albeit not ideal, need more work; while no apparent impact on actual granite.

Here are before and after shots:


graffit partly cleaned