Kwun Yam beach glass clearance planned

Submitted by Martin on Sun, 12/09/2010 - 09:51

For the past two or three years, broken glass has littered the tideline at Kwun Yam Wan (south of Tung Wan beach). Sometimes little, sometimes quite a lot, and including still sharp shards.

Although glass is cleaned, more arrives - and it seems a key source is decrepit former barbecue site just south of the beach. Here, concrete has broken up, revealing a mass of broken glass that had been dumped there.

This year, I've emailed the government about this; so too have a few others. Till now, not much has happened - evidently as the former barbecue site is owned by someone, so not easy for government to act. [Maybe formerly thought of as government land, so a barbecue area was built; then realisation it is private, and barbecue site abandoned.]

But, now this email from government:

Thank you for your complain, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has replied as follows –

"This Department maintains daily removal work of broken glasses within our beach boundary. In order not to affect the beach operation and beach goers during swimming season, this office will arrange a massive clearance of the debris at the concerned area in winter. Thank you for your kind concern to Kwun Yam Beach, and you are welcome to contact Mr. Edmond NG of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) at 2852 4813 (email address: if you have any opinions and complaints."

Instead of clearing the glass you may want to make the beach a tourism destination for the world's many 'beach glass hunters'. I was at Cheung Chau last year and we had a wonderfultime collecting beautifully smooth beach glass and pottery fragments. These 'glass beaches' are very popular ... search for Fort Bragg in California, Hawaii's beaches, and others where glass accumulated from rubbish (a glass barbecue area in your case by the sound of it) ... then the sea tumbles it to create 'treasure'. Sharp glass is no fun for walkers and kids, but if the glass you refer to is tumbled sea glass, think of promoting the beach as a wonderful outing for beach glass hunters like me :) It was a magic afternoon I'll never forget.