Enjoying Cheung Chau overall

Tung Wan Tsai farm

A small farm on the northeast tip of Cheung Chau is a fine place to visit, and even seems a surprising place given that the surroundings are uninhabited, with only scrubby vegetation.

Even from close by, it's hidden away, yet proves a secluded, tranquil spot.

As well as wandering around the farm, you can stroll onto and clamber over the neighbouring rocky coastline.

Cycle hire on Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

Just received this email:

"Who can I contact if I need to hire 30-40 bikes ? Thanks a lot."

I've replied:

 "Ms Lo of Hop Kee, tel 29810227"
- Hop Kee is to left of ferry pier, around 50 metres or so along the waterfront.

Exploring and Enjoying Cheung Chau: 

Great things to do on Cheung Chau, Hong Kong 在長洲可以做的事

Stroll Along the Waterfront

Strolling the waterfront's a good way of soaking up the island's atmosphere - way more laid-back than the hustling, bustling city. There are fishing boats in the harbour on one side; three-storey buildings with shops, restaurants and bars on the other. From here, you can explore further.