Northeast Cheung Chau including former Tung Wan Tsai farm

There used to be a small farm tucked away on the northeast headland of Cheung Chau – surely a remote place to live, but pleasant to visit. See below for brief information on this, when the farm still existed.

First, some photos and a little info based on a visit today:

You can head there by a rough path above Tung Wan Tsai, beyond the pavilion atop north Cheung Chau
Right now, the path leads under this set of prayer flags.
Eventually, the path drops down, and you can walk through the old farm area, where there’s a small wood, with ruins of farm buildings, and some rubbish including polystyrene.
While the farm area isn’t appealing, you can also get onto the rocks at the tip of northeast Cheung Chau, with some fine coastal scenery, views to Hong Kong Island. [And while the farm has gone, the rocks remain the same, largely; see v similar photo below!]
This is a fun place to linger, grab some photos – perhaps with few or no other people around.

The farm above Tung Wan Tsai, 2009

[Based on visit in 2009:] A small farm on the northeast tip of Cheung Chau is a fine place to visit, and even seems a surprising place given that the surroundings are uninhabited, with only scrubby vegetation. [Jan 2022 update: the farm has closed down; I heard as there were ideas there could be bridge to land here from absurd Lantau Tomorrow Vision, so land more valuable… But, perhaps just become an abandoned place; might still be worth checking out.]

Even from close by, it’s hidden away, yet proves a secluded, tranquil spot.

As well as wandering around the farm, you can stroll onto and clamber over the neighbouring rocky coastline.

To reach the farm, walk to northern Cheung Chau, to near a hilltop pavilion above Tung Wan Tsai (Coral Beach). From near here, there’s a somewhat rough footpath leading north, along a hillside dotted with boulders. There are signs pointing the way to the farm – the path turns right, to head east along the spine of a headland, and then drop down, to enter the farm.

cheung chau farm treeArriving at the farm, you pass through a small grove of trees, which are relatively old for this part of the island. Rather like a small fung shui grove, and presumably protected by the farmers.

cheung chau farm

The farm is not fancy; some fruit trees such as papayas, a few crops, along with chilis. I think it’s an old family farm, and perhaps cultivated more for pleasure nowadays.

northeast cheung chau From the lower part of the farm, there’s a short path to the coast, where waves have carved granite to form a rocky headland, with large boulders and low cliffs.

dyke on Cheung Chau There’s also an excellent dyke – formed by darker basalt, which has been intruded into a line of weakness in the granite.

cheung chau farm
Here’s a shot of the farm, with late afternoon sun through the trees.

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