Panties thief caught in the act!!!

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  1. Should hang him from a
    Should hang him from a washing line – an appropriate punishment?

    • String him up
      Our ace reporter has also viewed footage of said thief, as he roamed barefoot and picked panties in a pernickety manner.
      But, maybe footage of the Knickers Nicker, Panties Snatcher, not clear enough. The story isn’t over yet.

  2. Knickers Nicker Nicked

    News today that the Cheung Chau's finest have nabbed the panties snatcher. Info not directly available for husband of the lady losing her undies – instead, the cops suggested checking out Apple Daily.

    Apple Daily carried report with photo of the Knickers Nicker (being escorted from his home?). Spookily, according to this, the panties pinching perv likes Indonesian women, especially the Indonesian lady whose undies he (mainly?) took.

    Here's shot of him in action – with thanks to the hubby.

    Apple Daily item:
    迷 戀 印 尼 女   工 人 潛 住 所 偷 內 褲
    過 程 全 遭 攝 錄   警 按 錄 像 拘 人

    – Lest you don't read Chinese, done some translating of the Apple Daily story with altavista babelfish and google translate.
    Babelfish makes fair attempt at translating, including:
    "the suspect dives into scene unit Tientai to steal away underpants… Only the thief entire process the closed circuit television which is installed by the head of household pats, the head of household reports to the police and delivers the videotape the police to process… The police long continent criminal activity investigation team personnel pass through day after day investigate, the finally lock onto target… Some people declared because is infatuated with the female person concerned to be inescapably involved, thereupon steals away she the satisfied desire."
    Google translate has broadly similar meaning, but includes this cryptic sentence:
    "Brittle woman to be the main thing of the pants drying in the sun more than 10 anti-air, the Serbs fled into the Huai within America."

  3. Earlier this week, the man
    Earlier this week, the man seen being arrested in the ‘Apple Daily’ peaded guilty in the Eastern Magistrates Court.  I had to specifically ask the Cheung Chau police when the case would be heard so that I could be there (on my own behalf, not as a witness).  Defendants on bail and spectators all sit together in the public gallery, and I sat almost next to him.  He didn’t pay any attention to me and I’m near sure he didn’t know who I was, that I was in the court especially to look at him, and that I’m the one that trapped him on film! The case was heard in less than 5 minutes, in Cantonese, with the Gweilo magistrate at the back speaking only softly in English. I couldn’t make things out very well.  But it sounded as if the case was adjourned pending further probation reports.

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