Various aspects of life on Cheung Chau.

Italian Beach in Daily Telegraph

Just noticed what's surely a first - a musician's blog in the Daily Telegraph mentions the Italian Beach; even has a photo.


I was playing in Hong Kong only a month ago and there are few places on earth less like a desert island ... until, driving out to the new, out-of-town airport, you see the mountains, the water, the sandy shore. Believe it or not, this photograph is of Hong Kong -

the so-called 'Italian Beach' on Cheung Chau island.[/quote]

Cheung Chau Running Club?

i was jogging this mornign and saw a large poster advertising cheung chau runners club meeting 7:00am sundays. but it wasn't clear to me where they met [sign all in chinese, no phone number]. also, i couldn't find anything on the web about this club. before sacrificing my sunday lie in to get up for this, possibly only to find out that it doesn't exist or i can't find it, does anyone know how I can contact them / get more information?

Never ending drainage works

Though I'd known of major drainage works projectfor Cheung Chau, hadn't expected it to go on so long - seems an eternity since holes etc dug at the top of Peak Road and beside Pak Tei Temple. Yet, work still ongoing. Photos here from the top of Peak Road (by junction with Sports Ground road) this morning.
cheung chau roadworks

Criminal psychos roaming Cheung Chau!

If you've been on Cheung Chau recently, you'll have noticed several men whose shirts proclaim each to be an out-patient of Alcatraz Psychiatric Ward.
Now as you may have realised, this is a worrying development, as Alcatraz - aka "The Rock" - is the name of an island in San Francisco, which was the site of a jail for top security prisoners.

Pabuk photos and video clips

Just done page on another site, with some photos and video clips from yesterday, when Tropical Storm impacted Hong Kong - with winds more powerful on Cheung Chau than HK Island and further west.
Includes images/video from a ferry to HK Island during the early afternoon, when winds at CC had just peaked.

It's at:

Buy in Cheung Chau

Hello all,

I'm french from Paris and i've gone two times in HK and i think that the Cheung Chau island is a fantastic place to be !!!

I would like to know how to buy an appartement on this beautiful island because i plan to come every year for about 2-3 month living

All help is welcome

Thanks a lot


Red tide reaches Cheung Chau

There have been several recent media reports about red tides affecting parts of Hong Kong - especially in west, as well as Shenzhen. I've seen ruddy waters from ferry nearing Green Island, and within Victoria Harbour.

Yesterday, there was pronounced red tide (caused by profusion of reddish algae) in Cheung Chau typhoon shelter. On grey afternoon, with much lap sap also floating in the water, looked very disgusting.
This was the first time I've seen anything like this at Cheung Chau. Comes after recent news reports on Guangdong using the sea as dumping ground.

Lightning affects PCCW Broadband service on Cheung Chau?

I find lightning - even near Hong Kong - can affect my PCCW broadband connection: internet connection may halt for a few seconds, Now TV programmes freeze; perhaps happens several times within space of a few minutes, making broadband service real hard to use at such times. (though when storms are over or extremely close to Cheung Chau, I unplug my computer, to guard against lightning sending surges down lines, perhaps frying sensitive components.)
Problems recurred with recent thunderstorms.

Holiday villas- the Rockies

This website brought back a lot of my childhood memories.  I used to spend my summer vacation at the old retreat house on the top of Peak Road.  It is now occupied by the Seascape Peninsula.  In the old days, that very spot stood a single story brick building where we spent one week each summer having the best time of our life.  A little secret here was that there were numerous haunted stories that came with that house but it was all part of the fun back then.