Reply To: Bun Festival 2007 – rainy start but hot main day

Martin Williams
rainy bun festival

A rainy morning on the first day of the Bun Festival (even though festival proper not to start until evening).

buns up

Buns were put onto the main towers – again; those I’d seen yesterday having been all removed (some HK$20,000 lost in buns made mush by rain, I’m told).

rainy bun festival day one

At the main theatre, the grand effigies of gods remained in shelter; people sitting about, glum, waiting for break in the rain.

bun festival priests

By evening, the rain had at last eased (again), there were more buns in the main tower, the three gods were in their place – and the Bun Festival got underway, including with Taoist priests performing weird and wonderful ceremony.