Reply To: Lightning affects PCCW Broadband service on Cheung Chau?

Martin Williams
More emails from/to PCCW; I think self explanatory.


From PCCW:


With regards to your message, we truly understand your concern. We must apologize for any misunderstanding with our colleague. Kindly note that we already channel back your valuable comments to our concerned department. Rest assured that we will keep improving our service.

Moreover, we also found that our technician has visited on 10 Sept and report the broadband line is working fine. If the problem happen again, we suggest that please feel free to email us again or speak with our Hotline representatives directly at 1833-833.


I’ve replied:


Yes, the line is working fine; no thunder and lightning, no problem.

The technician also suggested the lines to reach my place maybe long, so susceptible to electromagnetic interference; he was going to suggest pccw install a closer relay station. Not mentioned in your email.

Without something like this, surely the problem will recur.