Reply To: Bun Festival 2007 – rainy start but hot main day

Martin Williams

The rain has halted, and the sun has come out, sending temperatures soaring – with steamy humidity too.

praya crowd

At lunchtime, the Praya was crowded…


Some streets were crowded.

food selling

Accessible restaurants were doing a roaring trade – here selling typical vegetarian food.

festival sitejoss burninggods of cheung chau

At the festival site, giant incense sticks burned outside a temporary shrine, where people burned joss sticks before the effigies of gods who had joined the festival (from temples around Cheung Chau).



News crews filed reports.

bun towers 2007

And the bun towers still looked rather sad, after their battering by the torrential rains; sheets with imprints like buns partly covered their tattered appearance. But at least on the big day, the weather was fine.

banyan vantage

People were crowded together at various vantages for watching the action – especially the parade, which would begin soon. Me, I headed up the hill, for home, air-conditioning, and some work.