Reply To: Lightning affects PCCW Broadband service on Cheung Chau?

Martin Williams
After email from PCCW as follow-up to my message to them re problem during lightning strms mentioned above, had email saying a tech support person would call.


Indeed had a call from someone working as "technical support" – but seemed he wasn’t technical, or supportive.

Though my email mentioned lightning, and I spoke of lightning and thunderstorms, he somehow thought I had an issue with lighting (which admittedly sounds simiar).

Led to him suggesting I maybe had problem "with lightning in your room"- I told him not the case. Hey, you think I have a Tesla machines at home? 


My email response to PCCW:


I indeed received a call – from a guy who seemed to think I was having problems with "lighting" – maybe lights on modem, maybe lighting in my room – and not much of a clue about lightning.

He suggested I maybe had lighting in my room – hahaha, imagine having lightning in my room!

He also seemed to have no idea re the map I sent, showing locations of lightning at times I was experiencing problems.

So, woeful I’m afraid!

A tech guy to come to my place tomorrow; but seems odd to me to have problems at my place, when lightning might be over 10km away.

What’s the use of testing my line during normal times, ie not during thunderstorms?

Here’s link from US, re lightning – even fairly distance – likewise causing interruptions to broadband:

In my case, too, surely seeing electromagnetic interference: I was rather shocked your tech support guy who phoned me did not seem to understand this. (Maybe far too used to dealing with regular problems with modems??)