Reply To: Lightning affects PCCW Broadband service on Cheung Chau?

Martin Williams

Well, still finding lightning can impact broadband on Cheung Chau; and over surprisingly large distance.
Services were disrupted during recent storms, but close to Cheung Chau; so close that unplugged computer etc lest affected by surge thro power supply or phone lines. Last night, though, happened again; my email to pccw:

"I’ve had extensive correspondence re lightning (during thunderstorms) affecting my broadband connection.

Was at Siu Kwai Wan, north Cheung Chau.

Over the winter, I have moved to southeast Cheung Chau
– again have this problem.

Most recently, tonight; getting pauses with broadband tv, also with broadband connection for emails/Internet: can see modem lights showing that not connected, then reconnecting.

I’ve previously checked HK Observatory website, to show re lightning detected.
Have found that could have a problem when lightning over 10km from Cheung Chau.

But tonight, my record so far – HK Obs shows lightning is over north Shenzhen!  See attached, a couple of minutes after one of the broadband pauses.
Must be powerful at times, so radio frequency interference disrupting broadband transmission."