Reply To: Bun Festival 2007 – rainy start but hot main day

Martin Williams


Well, “schedule” should be much the same as previous years.

But really, there’s far more going on than the old schedule suggests. In morning, will be plenty of activity in front of Pak Tei Temple, including Taoist priests doing weird stuff, incense lit, maybe Cantonese opera.
Parade usually from around 2pm (seems this is “fly-color”?) Parade route is PACKED, so may have to wait in advance at what seems a decent vantage, with plenty to drink if it’s hot.

Even earlier, Taoist priests will tour village, to various places where ghosts apparently drawn to small offerings. They move fast, though!

Bun Climb’s a bit crap as far as islanders concerned; tho govt likes to make a fuss about it.

Before this, around 11.30pm, should be grand finale of the exorcism – likely on waterfront, near the temple. From dusk onwards, should be people adding food, tea etc to small area in front of a huge god that will be moved to waterfront from festival site, ready to take ghosts back to the underworld.

I believe there will be ferries after the Bun Climb thing.