Bun Festival 2007 – rainy start but hot main day

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    Martin Williams

    Extremely wet yesterday afternoon to this morning; amber rainstorm. Bad for preparations for the Bun Festival, which is set to start tomorrow.

    Bun Festival site rain

    Only few buns were placed on the towers yesterday – surely had been plans to put more on, but weather too atrocious. Before 8am this morning, I walked by the festival site – looked real sad. The big effigies of gods were still in the main "theatre", which offers better protection from rain than the tall shelter they will be in for most of the festival.

    buns in rain

    Several of the buns had fallen, others were turning to mush in the rain, a few falling to the ground as I watched.

    Happily, the heavy rain eased by lunchtime, and even though there’s rain forecast – indeed, looks set to be a wet week – maybe should be showery, rather than non-stop deluges. So, hopefully ok for the actual festival – indeed, cloud with occasional showers should mean that won’t be baking hot as with some Bun Festivals I’ve known.

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