Never ending drainage works

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    Martin Williams
    Though I’d known of major drainage works projectfor Cheung Chau, hadn’t expected it to go on so long – seems an eternity since holes etc dug at the top of Peak Road and beside Pak Tei Temple. Yet, work still ongoing. Photos here from the top of Peak Road (by junction with Sports Ground road) this morning.

    cheung chau roadworks

    men at workcheung chau peak road hole

    Quick google for info, and I find questions were asked about the drainage works in Islands District Board meeting on 23 October last year:

    John BINKS, Chief Engineer, Hong Kong Island and Islands Development
    Office, Civil Engineering and Development Department (CED) and Mr. LEE
    Kwok-cheung, Director of Ho Tin & Associates, Consulting Engineers
    Limited responded.

    Mr. John BINKS said that CED was very
    concerned about issues that affected the livelihood of the residents
    of Chau. The captioned works belonged to part of Works
    No.IS 13/04. The progress of the drainage works tied in with the
    latest works schedule as stipulated by the contractor. Unless
    unforeseen circumstances arose, it was expected that drainage works
    could be completed in August 2007. ..

    Member expressed that he hoped that the works could be completed in
    August 2007 as scheduled. The daily life of the residents and
    the business of the shops had been seriously affected. One of
    the sites in front of Pak She Elderly Home posed a danger to the elderly.
    Some of the sites did not have sufficient flashing lights and the fences
    often fell down….

    Member opined that the fact that the Government had put a lot of resources
    in improving the drainage system of Cheung Chau was a piece of good
    news for the residents of Cheung Chau. Slow progress of the works, insufficient
    manpower at the site and wrong location for carrying out works were
    problems that had been often discussed at the meetings of the District
    Management Committee. He learned from the residents that improvement
    had been made recently….

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