Plastic buns, plastic wrappers, metal bun tower – bring on Disney.

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    Martin Williams

    News today re plastic buns to be used on the big “bun tower” that’s used for the climbing contest.

    Comes soon – a year or two – after the buns placed on towers were all put in plastic wrapping – by government decree, for health reasons (even though I’ve heard people [mostly] don’t eat the “lucky” buns from the bun towers).
    And, after government decision to continue ban on the competition to climb the bamboo towers to grab high buns (ban after one of the towers collapsed during race in 1978, injuring around 100 people) – but instead institute race up a metal tower, which to my eyes rather like a space rocket during construction.
    This came with HK govt/Tourism Board playing more role in organising the Bun Festival.

    Whatever next – Plastic children on the floats, so there isn’t a chance of overheating kids?!
    Should we just move the whole festival over to Disney, or get Mickey and co in to run it?

    Or is this real progress, and the Bun Festival will remain a deep-rooted local tradition for many years to come?

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