WWF recommends compensation for fishermen 向漁業界作出賠償可為香港帶來龐大經濟利益

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    Martin Williams

    A recent press release from WWF Hong Kong begins:

    A new study has concluded that Hong Kong would be missing a major economic opportunity by not acting swiftly to revitalize its marine fisheries. The study, "Rebuilding Hong Kong’s Marine Fisheries: An Evaluation of Management Options," commissioned by WWF Hong Kong and undertaken by the world-renowned Fisheries Centre of the University of British Columbia (UBC) was released today. Among the key findings are that WWF’s proposed changes to fisheries management could generate HK$1.3 to HK$2.6 billion over the next 25 years of net benefits to Hong Kong in comparison with current fisheries management, through revitalised fish stocks, more profitable fisheries, and new tourism and recreational opportunities in north-eastern waters.

    The study found that 54% of interviewed fishers were willing to switch jobs from fishing, with the remaining 46% stating that they would not consider it. This result implies that there is a good potential for well-designed alternative livelihood schemes to succeed. Also, a total of 75% of the interviewed fishers were willing to participate in a buy-back scheme if they were reasonably compensated for their vessels. These numbers show that a significant number of the fishers are willing to switch from fishing with the right buy-back package put in place.

    Compensation to fishing industry is key to unlocking massive economic benefits to Hong Kong concludes WWF-UBC report



    研究發現受訪的漁民中,54%表示願意轉型至捕魚以外的行業,其餘的46%則表示他們不會考慮轉型。該項結果顯示:一個健全的轉型計劃的成功機會很大。此外,75%受訪漁民表示若他們獲得合理賠償,則願意參與漁船回購計劃。有關數字反映很多漁民在有適當的回購計劃的情況下,均願意從事捕魚以外的行業。 世界自然基金會與加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學編製的報告指出


    – executive summary and full report are available via these links.

    Surely could also apply around Cheung Chau, not just northeastern New Territories. Yes, northeast NT richer in marine life, but Cheung Chau is far more easily accessed, with far better tourism facilities.

    Fishing a tough job, I’ve been told; and boats from here range long distances – southern Philippines, even Indonesia. Not too many from CC fishing locally?

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