WWF Seafood Choice Initiative 海鮮選擇大行動

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    Martin Williams

    News today included the World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong (WWF Hong Kong) producing a guide to help Hong Kong consumers make informed choices about whether their seafood is sustainable or not.

    Relevant to Cheung Chau, of course – but how easy or difficult is it to choose sustainable seafood here? My impression, reading quickly through the guide, is that it’s doable – but are species on sale that the WWF guide rates as "avoid", such as horseshoe crab (a species that’s locally protected, yet legally sold for eating in restaurants – go figure!).

    horseshoe crabs at restaurant

    From WWF press release:

    WWF launched a convenient, easy-to-use Seafood Guide today to promote the consumption of green and sustainably produced seafood. This is the first seafood guide in East Asia to cover a wide range of seafood using the latest information. Consumers and corporate diners are encouraged to actively use the Guide as a reference when buying seafood at markets and dining out. The project is sponsored by JNC Nature Fund.

    More than 60 popular seafood species are included in the Guide. "These species were assessed using rigorous criteria for wild caught, or farmed species, and then verified by both local and international experts, particularly from the places where these seafood are produced or harvested. Based on the results of the assessment, they were placed into three categories; Green – "Recommended", Yellow – "Think Twice" and Red – "Avoid" resembling a traffic light system," explained Mr Clarus Chu, Marine Conservation Officer, WWF Hong Kong.

    WWF Seafood guide to encourage consumption of green and sustainably produced seafood

     世界自然基金會於今日推出一個既方便又容易使用的海鮮選擇指引,以推廣食用綠色和可持續生產的海鮮。這是東亞首個以最新的資訊編製的海鮮選擇指引,包括多個海鮮品種。本會鼓勵消費者及公司宴客時積極使用選擇指引,作為他們在市場購買海鮮和出外用膳時的參考。這個項目由JNC Nature Fund贊助。

    本選擇指引包括超過60種常見的海鮮品種。世界自然基金會香港分會海洋環境保護主任朱炳盛先生解釋:「我們以嚴格的分類準則對捕撈和養殖的海鮮品種進行評估,然後交由本地和國際專家核對,他們均來自生產和養殖海鮮的地區的專家。根據評估結果,我們將海鮮品種分為三類:以綠色代表「建議」類別;黃色代表「想清楚」類別;及紅色代表「避免」類別,有如交通燈的系統。 」



    You can download pdf file with the guide from:

    A seafood guide for Hong Kong


    WWF Hong Kong also reckons much should be done to benefit local fishermen – and Hong Kong overall, partly thro conserving fish stocks. I’m about to make another forum post re this.

    Compensation to fishing industry is key to unlocking massive economic benefits to Hong Kong concludes WWF-UBC report



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