Buy in Cheung Chau

Hello all,

I'm french from Paris and i've gone two times in HK and i think that the Cheung Chau island is a fantastic place to be !!!

I would like to know how to buy an appartement on this beautiful island because i plan to come every year for about 2-3 month living

All help is welcome

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I am Hongkonger from Paris. I have just rented an apartment about 450 sq. feet, with roof top. I will move in at the end of August.

My owner bought this flat at a price about 300,000 - 340,000 HKD. It seems that bank in HK does not make any credit for such kind of resort house.


There are two estate agents near the bottom of Peak Road, 1-2 minutes' walk from the ferry pier. They have selections of places for sale and for rent.

Might also be worth coming over to the island, and asking around (maybe in bars/restaurants).

for all these informations ... i will not come back to HK and Cheung Chau before about 6 months does someone can take for me email (or phone) of the 2 estate agents near the bottom of Peak Road in order to contact them ?
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One of them- Region Property Management: email kennethregion "at"

Hi Adriane,
I am from Cananda and I was wondering how much you are paying for rent on Cheung Chau, can you tell me anything about what areas are safest, cheap places, etc,etc?
( or where i can go for this info )
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Not sure if Adrianne will reply: but rents here can be in range HK$3000 - HK$7000 or more. I'd reckon all areas safe; a small place.


Hi, everyone...i m from Cheung Chau, but now moved to Canada around 19 years for study then marry..

I grew up in Cheung was a nice quiet quiet place..

Since it takes only an hour ship to get there...and it is more unlikely having mobile or so called it is very popular for tourist walking in a small island..

To complete walking takes around 2-3 hours, ...including taking a few 10 minutes break in winter...but summer is more humid...then it takes around 4 hours...

However..if you know how to ride takes around an hours if you know exactly the right routing.

To buy an storey, costs around $1, 500,000,, roughly...but buying an house with usually 2 flat on top, 1 ground floor would be around 4 times ground floor is a bit more expensive for business purpose...

alright...i just come across this blog...


but i also think about going back Cheung Chau 10-15 years Cheung Chau the BEST....

Can anyone provide contact details for a real estate agent on the isalnd?  I'm currently overseas so visiting the island myself isn't an option right now.