This website brought back a lot of my childhood memories.  I used to spend my summer vacation at the old retreat house on the top of Peak Road.  It is now occupied by the Seascape Peninsula.  In the old days, that very spot stood a single story brick building where we spent one week each summer having the best time of our life.  A little secret here was that there were numerous haunted stories that came with that house but it was all part of the fun back then. 

Also, the photos posted in this website were superb.  What a great photographer!  I applaud your efforts in maintaining this site.


Fri, 18/05/2007 - 12:07am

Hi achan:

Thanks for the post - and glad you like the photos! (several photographers have images in the gallery)

When I first arrived here in 1987, the house you mentioned was unoccupied, partly ruined, but interesting to look around - and to walk through to boulders atop the peninsula. Known as The Rockies - and I heard tales there were supposedly ghosts around.


Sun, 20/05/2007 - 10:41am

I heard plenty of creepy stories too. One was of a guy who planned to renovate the house and spent the night in its ruins; the next day he was a gibbering wreck who never fully recovered and never said what happened to him. Probably not true but a good yarn.
It was called the Rockies because natural granite boulders were incorporated into the structure of the house, and the place had wonderful views over the South China Sea and towards Lamma and Ling Ding islands. Its replacement, the modern building, is virtually empty – maybe it’s the ghosts…