Lightning affects PCCW Broadband service on Cheung Chau?

I find lightning - even near Hong Kong - can affect my PCCW broadband connection: internet connection may halt for a few seconds, Now TV programmes freeze; perhaps happens several times within space of a few minutes, making broadband service real hard to use at such times. (though when storms are over or extremely close to Cheung Chau, I unplug my computer, to guard against lightning sending surges down lines, perhaps frying sensitive components.)
Problems recurred with recent thunderstorms.

Had some correspondence with PCCW about this.
Including this email I sent PCCW last Nov:

I emailed some time ago about our broadband connection becoming poor -
often disconnecting - when there is lightning in and around Hong Kong
(not just over Cheung Chau, where we live).

A couple of guys came, changed external wiring - saying this should
help, tho I couldn't understand how lightning several km from Cheung
Chau could affect wiring to my house; instead, I figure it could be to
do with connections leading to Cheung Chau. (Indeed, someone from
netvigator told me that pccw netvigator perhaps had plans to increase
number of exchanges leading to Cheung Chau, which should help solve the

With storms this afternoon, also had major connection problems - as
lightning over Cheung Chau, as well as nearby.
Here's map from HK Obs websites, showing lightning during period this
afternoon when connections very poor: most lightning was not over Cheung
Chau; much was several km away.

- in reply to which I received:

With regards to your message, we are sorry to learn of your situation.
Please be inform that usually the lightning will affect the stability of
electric supply, so that it may affect the local server. We suggest that
you may provide the error message when you experience difficult on
internet connection.

Talked to another resident who has similar problems. But, I'm not sure if an island-wide issue.


I sent PCCW another email re the problem during lightning; a tech support guy phoned me, said he'd asked someone to check the server (which - I think - relays transmission to my home).

Just phoned by a technician, and he has changed my server; so it will be interesting to see if this helps to reduce or halt my intermittent server troubles during nearby thunderstorms.
Yikes! - checking HK Observatory site to see if thunderstorms likely in next few days, I see there's a thunderstorm warning, and looks like there are major storms just north of HK, including north of Lantau, mainly moving east but edging southwards too. So, could very soon have chance to see if new server helps.

It's been quite some time since June, yet rather few thunderstorms during the period, and my Broadband service has been fine.
But last night, there were thunderstorms to west and southwest, and again found that my PCCW Broadband service became intermittent: Internet connection often breaking, taking a few seconds to return; and Now TV freezing at times.
Again, happening even though lightning was not over or even real close to Cheung Chau - this map from HK Observatory shows main lightning locations during periods when broadband was often halting. 
lightning affecting broadband

After email from PCCW as follow-up to my message to them re problem during lightning strms mentioned above, had email saying a tech support person would call.
Indeed had a call from someone working as "technical support" - but seemed he wasn't technical, or supportive.
Though my email mentioned lightning, and I spoke of lightning and thunderstorms, he somehow thought I had an issue with lighting (which admittedly sounds simiar).
Led to him suggesting I maybe had problem "with lightning in your room"- I told him not the case. Hey, you think I have a Tesla machines at home? 
My email response to PCCW:
I indeed received a call - from a guy who seemed to think I was having problems with "lighting" - maybe lights on modem, maybe lighting in my room - and not much of a clue about lightning.
He suggested I maybe had lighting in my room - hahaha, imagine having lightning in my room!

He also seemed to have no idea re the map I sent, showing locations of lightning at times I was experiencing problems.

So, woeful I'm afraid!
A tech guy to come to my place tomorrow; but seems odd to me to have problems at my place, when lightning might be over 10km away.

What's the use of testing my line during normal times, ie not during thunderstorms?

Here's link from US, re lightning - even fairly distance - likewise causing interruptions to broadband:

In my case, too, surely seeing electromagnetic interference: I was rather shocked your tech support guy who phoned me did not seem to understand this. (Maybe far too used to dealing with regular problems with modems??)

More emails from/to PCCW; I think self explanatory.
From PCCW:
With regards to your message, we truly understand your concern. We must apologize for any misunderstanding with our colleague. Kindly note that we already channel back your valuable comments to our concerned department. Rest assured that we will keep improving our service.

Moreover, we also found that our technician has visited on 10 Sept and report the broadband line is working fine. If the problem happen again, we suggest that please feel free to email us again or speak with our Hotline representatives directly at 1833-833.

I've replied:
Yes, the line is working fine; no thunder and lightning, no problem.

The technician also suggested the lines to reach my place maybe long, so susceptible to electromagnetic interference; he was going to suggest pccw install a closer relay station. Not mentioned in your email.

Without something like this, surely the problem will recur.

PCCW seem to continue wilfully misunderstanding this issue - ie, a problem that happens during lightning (thunderstorms). If no lightning, no problem - but that doesn't really mean solved.
Email here from PCCW:
"In regards to your email, we are glad to learn the problem has been rectified. If you have any further enquiries, please feel free to email us again or speak with our Hotline representatives directly at 1833-833."
To which I've replied:
"Sorry if further confusion.

I did not write that the problem has been rectified.

The problem occurs during lightning (thunder storms), even at some distance.

No new base station built nearer to my home.
So, the problem surely will happen again as and when there are more thunderstorms."

Reply to my email above:
Thank you for your valuable feedback. As a customer oriented company, we re working hard to improved our services. Please be assured that our network will be improved or upgraded in the near future.
So, maybe some hope for a solution to problem. If so, hooray! Cool

Well, still finding lightning can impact broadband on Cheung Chau; and over surprisingly large distance.
Services were disrupted during recent storms, but close to Cheung Chau; so close that unplugged computer etc lest affected by surge thro power supply or phone lines. Last night, though, happened again; my email to pccw:

"I've had extensive correspondence re lightning (during thunderstorms) affecting my broadband connection.

Was at Siu Kwai Wan, north Cheung Chau.

Over the winter, I have moved to southeast Cheung Chau
- again have this problem.

Most recently, tonight; getting pauses with broadband tv, also with broadband connection for emails/Internet: can see modem lights showing that not connected, then reconnecting.

I've previously checked HK Observatory website, to show re lightning detected.
Have found that could have a problem when lightning over 10km from Cheung Chau.

But tonight, my record so far - HK Obs shows lightning is over north Shenzhen!  See attached, a couple of minutes after one of the broadband pauses.
Must be powerful at times, so radio frequency interference disrupting broadband transmission."


The issue continues; here's follow-up email I sent PCCW, after dropping them a message to say I still have this trouble:


Just had a technician round to check my modem n home wiring: all ok, which not surprising to me.

My belief: the lightning causes electromagnetic field, which interferes w broadband signal being carried to my home - enough to stop the broadband connection, which then has to restart.

Even with lightning maybe 10km away this can happen.
See this image, from time when my broadband connection was often stopping: you can see there is no lightning record exactly over Cheung Chau, and most is over the sea south of Hong Kong. [I've previously had problems w lightning storms nearer to Shenzhen]

How long is the link from my home to wherever a broadband "router" is on Cheung Chau?
- I reckon the cable carrying it is not protected from electromagnetic fields.
Guess it would be difficult to protect, anyway.

A friend at north Cheung Chau, where I used to live and had same problems, also still has this trouble.
So, perhaps affects places outside the main village area on island.[/quote]

lightning map