Moving to Cheung Chau (I hope!)

Hello there, my name is Hannah and I am hopefully going to be moving to Seascape peninsula on CC at the beginning of July. I have a few questions about the island for those of you who know it a little better! Firstly, are there many mosquitoes? I currently live in Guangzhou where the mosquito problem is horrid, but I am not sure what it's like in the outlying islands of HK. What about other flora and fauna? I enjoy nature and wildlife, but is there anything you have to watch out for that is poisonous? Lastly, how do storms affect life there, what with the ferry being the only transport option?

I am really looking forward to the move and I hope it all goes smoothly, it seems like a really wonderful place to live.

Hannah Laughing


Hi Hannah:

 Plenty of mosquitoes here; chiefly around dusk, and dawn if you're up and about then.

Various poisonous creatures: centipedes perhaps worst for propensity to bite people (when bump into them, maybe in dark), tho painful rather than lethal for adults. Also various snakes around: you can be glad of street lights thro woods to the peninsula! Myblog on this site has more re wildlife, esp birds.

Occastionally, tropical storms halt ferries; but rare for ferries to halt without most of Hong Kong also coming to a halt (as typhoon real close, say). 

Yes, a top place to live; top views from Seascape too, I think.