Red tide reaches Cheung Chau

There have been several recent media reports about red tides affecting parts of Hong Kong - especially in west, as well as Shenzhen. I've seen ruddy waters from ferry nearing Green Island, and within Victoria Harbour.

Yesterday, there was pronounced red tide (caused by profusion of reddish algae) in Cheung Chau typhoon shelter. On grey afternoon, with much lap sap also floating in the water, looked very disgusting.
This was the first time I've seen anything like this at Cheung Chau. Comes after recent news reports on Guangdong using the sea as dumping ground.

red tide cheung chau

Took this three days ago - much like the above shot, yet over five weeks later. (I've lived here 20 years; don't recall seeing anything so bad as this in the harbour before.)
Again brownish sea, with foam where ferries etc pass through, between Cheung Chau and Hong Kong Island, so the typhoon shelter conditions maybe arising especially from horrendous water swirling around waters of western Hong Kong (Pearl River chiefly to blame??)
A couple of days ago, murky brown water at Kwun Yam Wan when I swam there - taking care not to swallow water!

filthy typhoon shelter