Yesterday, had superb views of a male Schrenk's Bittern, in the concrete channel stream just above Kwun Yam Wan. This is a scarce passage migrant in Hong Kong - yesterday's was only my second on Cheung Chau; even so, over 20 were seen at Po Toi a couple of days before.

Posted on 10 May, but "lost" from site due to an unsuccessful webhost change:

Heard a Red-winged Cuckoo at Fa Peng Valley this morning. I'd first heard it on 30 April; again on 5 May - on both days, whistled an imitation of its song, and managed views of this shy but rather spectacular bird. Also today, to sw Cheung Chau, where in the private "park" again heard a Black-naped Oriole, and saw one male and two female Chinese Grosbeaks - my first for the island - plus a couple of Chinese Starlings; and heard an Arctic Warbler. [We weren't in the "park", but just outside.]
Heard - and saw - the Red-winged Cuckoo again, on 18 May.


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