Two-barred Greenish Warbler n Japanese Thrushes n others

After what seems ages of grey, bleak weather with some drizzle n rain (tho nothing like the nighmare w snowstorms in much of s China), had a fine day - even feeling warm w some sun. Out to walk about, and found some decent birds, albeit still nothing like the influx of thrushes etc I'd have expected with harsh winter in China.

In southwest Cheung Chau, birds inc two Japanese and one Grey-backed Thrushes, three Daurian Restarts, a Red-flanked Bluetail, single Pallas's, Yellow-browed and Dusky Warblers. Also a male Crested Goshawk, displaying briefly and perching in trees above Sai Wan: maybe aiming to breed.

Late aft, walked round Fa Peng area. Perhaps too late for most birds, but heard at least two Pallas's Warblers, a Two-barred Greenish Warbler - my first for Cheung Chau (this is a scarce winter visitor and migrant in Hong Kong), a Short-tailed Bush Warbler and a Blackbird. Also heard Crested Goshawk: wonder if the same one I'd seen above Sai Wan.