Criminal psychos roaming Cheung Chau!

If you've been on Cheung Chau recently, you'll have noticed several men whose shirts proclaim each to be an out-patient of Alcatraz Psychiatric Ward.
Now as you may have realised, this is a worrying development, as Alcatraz - aka "The Rock" - is the name of an island in San Francisco, which was the site of a jail for top security prisoners.
Quite how our little isiand has become home to so many patients from the psycho ward, I'm not sure; gotta wonder if some are on the lam, and whether the authorities know they are around.
CheungChauHK has investigated, and managed to grab this shot of one of the out-patient psychos. We advise caution in approaching this or other individuals bearing attire from Alcatraz.
alcatraz psycho
(while if you want a shirt, this one cost HK$10 from U-Right)