Plants and Animals

Flora n fauna on Cheung Chau

Photo time at Kwan Kung Pavilion

It's early spring, and in the small garden at Kwan Kung Pavilion on Peak Road (near the Sports Ground) there are trees, shrubs and other plants in bloom.

kwan yung temple photography

This, in turn, is drawing photographers - it seems taking flower shots here is an annual ritual for photographers on Cheung Chau.

Dying Emerald Dove, Common Fauns

To Fa Peng area - which I've found the most productive for woodland birds on Cheung Chau - and a sad find: a dying Emerald Dove, which someone had placed in a broken polystyrene box by the path.
A beautiful bird, but had damaged wing, and when it rolled over, I could see that a chunk of its left side had been ripped out - maybe by a cat, maybe by a predator like a Crested Goshawk (a guess: maybe a goshawk had caught it, and was starting to eat but was disturbed by people passing by).

Low-flying swallows? - must be a cold snap

If you were out and about today, you noticed it was chill - temps at the Cheung Chau observatory from just over 12 to around 15C; overcast and breezy.

A few Barn Swallows were flying low over the Praya - at head height, or even skimming just above the concrete, dodging past people. Typical during chill spells at this time of year: swallows that have newly arrived to breed finding it tough to catch flying insects, which fly low if they fly at all.

Set to become warm again very soon; and better times will arrive for the swallows.