Cheung Chau island, Hong Kong, in prehistory

Though Cheung Chau has surely been settled - albeit not continuously - for thousands of years, it has only one well-known prehistoric site: the Bronze Age stone carving, just below the Warwick Hotel at Tung Wan. It's thought to be around 3500 years old, as the patterns carved into a granite outcrop are similar to those on pottery of similar age found in Hong Kong.

Hotels and holiday flats on Cheung Chau, Hong Kong 長洲的度假屋及酒

Though Cheung Chau's hotels and holiday flats are modest compared to the fancy hotels in Hong Kong city, they also offer an "away from it all" experience compared to joints in densely packed Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay and Central. You can enjoy laid-back accommodation including places with balconies overlooking the beach and the South China Sea, with Hong Kong Island away to the east, and stroll the narrow streets, with no cars around unless the little police car trundles past.

North Cheung Chau including Coral Beach

There's a path leading uphill from beside Pak Tei Temple, up past an old folks' home. Keep left, and up and up flights of steps, and you'll come to a small, concrete park. Turn right here, and you can continue uphill, leaving the village to pass through trees, with views over to Lantau Island on your left.

The path skirts a service reservoir (on hilltop, but below ground). Below, to the left, is a housing development at the bottom of a valley - evidently supposed to be like places such as Hong Lok Yuen, but seems many places not occupied.

There's a rough track, then steps, up to a pavilion with fabulous views over Cheung Chau, and across the sea to Lamma, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and Lantau. Well, fabulous if you're here on a clear day, and especially good late on a sparkling afternoon.

Walking the southwest coast of Cheung Chau

Though Cheung Po-tsai Cave is the best known tourist spot of southwest Cheung Chau, it's not the only place that's good for exploring. There's an excellent coastal trail, winding along a small cove, and a small bay with a beach, passing boulders where cacti grow (yes, wild cactus in Hong Kong), with excellent scenery.

This trail starts on the headland above Sai Wan village, at the southern end of the harbour (aka typhoon shelter). You can head there by walking along the waterfront road - which is popular with weekend and holiday cyclists and strollers.

Great things to do on Cheung Chau, Hong Kong 在長洲可以做的事

Stroll Along the Waterfront

Strolling the waterfront's a good way of soaking up the island's atmosphere - way more laid-back than the hustling, bustling city. There are fishing boats in the harbour on one side; three-storey buildings with shops, restaurants and bars on the other. From here, you can explore further.



The Mini Great Wall and other Cheung Chau trails 小長城和其他散步道

There are some wonderful trails winding along the coast, up hills and through small valleys in northern and southern Cheung Chau (just beyond the main village). Though Cheung Chau is tiny, the winding trails can seem surprisingly long - but you're never really far from the main village and ferry pier. 在長洲的南端和北面,沿海都有些不錯的散步路徑。長洲雖然是彈丸之地,道路看似出奇的曲折,但其實無論怎麼的走,你也從未真正遠離主村和碼頭。