Renting English-language DVDs on Cheung Chau

Unsurprisingly, video rental stores on the island don't have wide range of DVDs with English-language movies/tv shows. Can be plenty of VCDs, but I prefer to watch without subtitles, and enjoy better sound on DVDs.

I've become used to finding rather motley selections of movies: some box-office hits, but some movies that strike me as rather dire.
But, just a chance things may be looking up a little?

My missus, Maya, noticed poster for Prison Break at Miami Resorts rental place (opposite ferry pier). I've just checked, and they indeed have the set with first series on DVD: in my lame Cantonese, learned that can rent just one of the DVDs, so when I've time, I can catch up on last two episodes I missed on TV - and then be set for start of season 2 on Pearl.
Only glanced around otherwise, but seemed a few other DVDs there may be worth checking out.

Update: I did rent Prison Break DVD - so at last saw the part where an unruly bunch at last broke out.
At HK$30 for one night for one disc, pricey: argument being that each disc can hold several episodes, unlike movie DVD with only one movie. Hmm...

Otherwise, Miami collection very thin re English language shows: several horror flicks, the new James Bond (hot off the press) and, err, Komodo vs Cobra. Only open a couple of months, we were told, so may improve, but don't think if you're a regular commuter it's time to toss away your membership of Movieland (say).