Yellow pages for cheung chau

is there such a thing as a yellow pages for cheung chau? or a local publication with adverts for local shops &c?  i want to furnish my house and buy accoutrements and half of me wants to go all-ikea, the other half wants to ferret around in local shops, but i'd prefer to have some information first.  thoughts?

Hi John:

I don't know of any Yellow Pages equivalent; mostly found shops by roaming the main streets w shops, wandering in n giving them a try.

To me, Cheung Chau Furniture store (towards Pak Tei Temple) is good; can help w delivery, putting furniture together (and, in case of our wardrobe lately, even help take it apart!) - which you don't get w IKEA. Folk living here may be able to recommend other shops. 




Me again, am now all sorted to move in at the end of this month- one problem though, need to buy a bed and mattress and only have 1000 HKD to spare. Is this realistic/ where would be best to look? I would greatly appreciate any help, at this rate i'll be enjoying a floor to sleep on!