WWF Seafood Choice Initiative 海鮮選擇大行動

News today included the World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong (WWF Hong Kong) producing a guide to help Hong Kong consumers make informed choices about whether their seafood is sustainable or not.

Relevant to Cheung Chau, of course - but how easy or difficult is it to choose sustainable seafood here? My impression, reading quickly through the guide, is that it's doable - but are species on sale that the WWF guide rates as "avoid", such as horseshoe crab (a species that's locally protected, yet legally sold for eating in restaurants - go figure!).

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Any food you want as long as it's seafood

Just heard that one of Cheung Chau's non-Cantonese seafood restaurants may close before long. Hasn't been open a real long time.
Hardly an uncommon tale: someone opens a different type of restaurant here, the food may be decent, but after a while, it's bye-bye. Nepalese, Italian pizza, Malaysian, Thai ... the list goes on.

So what is it about Cheung Chau and non-Cantonese style seafood restaurants? We have plethora of seafood places, a smattering of dai pai dong type joints, a very few doing something like western, but not much else that works for long.

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