Is First Ferry "first" in quality? Do you cycle around - and find places to park your bike?

wheelchair facility

Whole family is going to Nautilus Villas, Peak Road West for a weekend getaway. However, Mom is on wheelchair. Any suggestions on how to get her from the Cheung Chau Pier to Nautilus Villas with ease? I checked the route map, it's uphill all the way starting from Peak Road.

Best Street Map of Cheung Chau?

any recommendations for a large scale detailed map of cheung chau, with street names and the like. best i've found so far is in the back of HK Almanac, although it's far from what I;m looking for. It has streets marked on it, but not many street names. it's also small. I might consider running it through a color photocopier and enlarging it to say A3 size, but is there a better option?

Cycle park folly en route to Sai Wan

Every so often, I come across some kind of man-made structure, and wonder, "What were they thinking?!"

On Cheung Chau, one of the best examples is this bicycle parking area which is located ... err, nowhere really.

Well, it is somewhere of course - along the waterfront road between Sai Wan and the main village. But it's not convenient for either.

I'm yet to see a cycle parked there; even tho see bikes parked below houses very close by.