Best Street Map of Cheung Chau?

any recommendations for a large scale detailed map of cheung chau, with street names and the like. best i've found so far is in the back of HK Almanac, although it's far from what I;m looking for. It has streets marked on it, but not many street names. it's also small. I might consider running it through a color photocopier and enlarging it to say A3 size, but is there a better option?


Only one that occurs to me is rather simple map by Cheung Chau Bookstore, about opposite the post office (in big govt services building a little south of the ferry pier). Can't remember how many streets it shows, but does only cost a few dollars.

 Online, you could have a look at, say, centamap: [just checked, and not working well for me right now]
or - which is working just now.

And perhaps check products by govt Survey and Mapping Office:

i ordered 2 maps via dymocks.

Lantau Island and Neighbouring Islands (survey and mapping office lands deparment countryside series) $82 - cheung chau section is about size of an A4 piece of paper. i wouldn't recommend it.

Lantau I., Cheung Chau & Lamma I. (universal publications) - $25 cheung chau section about the size of one page of SCMP. much better. It also apparently comes in a hanging version which i'm going to order.

actually i'm not going to bother with the hanging map - it looks no bigger than the one I have, so I'll stick with that.