how to get stuff to cheung chau

hi, i'm moving to cheung chau on saturday.  wondering what the best way is to transport my stuff.  I have about one car boot;s worth.  Thoughts?  Cheers, JG


    One way might be to come over to CC, borrow a big metal trolley (seems all would fit on this; maybe get via landlord or whoever is otherwise helping w the move), take to HK Island on slow ferry, then cart the stuff across.

If ok to pay for help, you could call guy who drives one of the motorised mini trucks on CC: he could also take to destination on the island. (Don't know if he'd come over on ferry, but he could likely advise re person). Name Wu Tak, tel: 93893562. He speaks English, helped when we recently moved flat. 


i was looking for some of a door to door solution, but thanks anyway. i haven't tried them myself but heard good things about
Chunkie Int'l Removal Ltd
Manager: Wei Fan Wan “Airy”
+852 26900188
mobile +852 92882524