wheelchair facility

Whole family is going to Nautilus Villas, Peak Road West for a weekend getaway. However, Mom is on wheelchair. Any suggestions on how to get her from the Cheung Chau Pier to Nautilus Villas with ease? I checked the route map, it's uphill all the way starting from Peak Road.



Not too sure re location of the villas. But I don't believe there's a way that doesn't involve some uphill.

From Peak Road near pier, it's uphill (couple of mins regular walking pace?), then along pretty level; maybe not too much more uphill. 


my parents are coming for a visit. i just moved to cheung chau myself. mom's a bit old and probably can't make it up the steep incline to my apartment. does anyone know if the bicycle rentals down by the pier also rent wheelchairs? I thought of renting one of those bike-sedans, but it's not going to fit through the steep alleyway to our flat.